Afghanistan “War”

Afghanistan, “Angelina Jolie with UNHCR”

Afghanistan, “Casualties of The Nameless”

AMREF Operating in Southern Sudan and Kenya

Argentina, “The Beautiful Game”

Chad, “Internally Displaced”

French Guiana “The Space Centre”

Gaza,”Sixty Five Funerals”

Haiti, “January 12, 2010”

Iraq, “Legacy of War”

Iraq, ”Between dance and devil”

Iraq, ”The Aftermath of Saddam”

Italy, “L’Aquila Earthquake”

Italy, “Italian Traditions”

Italy, “King George, a 40-years long tale”

Italy, “The Italy To Eat”

Italy, “Too Beautiful To Die”

Italy, Trapped in Apulia

Kenya, “Pumwani Maternity Ward”

Kosovo, “1998 – 1999”

Kosovo, “Divided Soul”

Lebanon, “July War”

Liberia, “A World Away”

Mali, “The Real Rebels of Timbuktu”

Mediterranean Sea, “S.O.S.”

Niger, “Food Crisis”

Quatar, “Qatar’s new Eldorado”

Sierra Leone, Africa’s Mercy

South Sudan, “A wild country grows in South Sudan”

Sudan, “Khartoum, Jewel of East Africa”

Yemen “Sand Storm”