Italy, “The Italy To Eat”

Italian cuisine has an important place in the global gastronomic scene, the dishes evolve and develop continuously through centuries of social and political changes, never forgetting the origins.

During the Renaissance (XV and XVI century) Italy boasts the most creative and talented chefs, significant changes in the preparation of the dishes have occurred with the discovery of the New World and new raw materials.

Italy is one of the countries where the culinary tradition is part of the culture, heritage and identity.

It is not easy to summarize what makes the peninsula, made up of many regional specialties, a unique country where gastronomy is an art of living.

From Piedmont to Calabria, from Veneto to Puglia, most of the Italian cuisine is characterized by natural products that are synonymous of freshness, color and health.

The refined taste, freshness, pointing to simplicity, drawing on the traditions, with a look to other cultures… these are some of the traits of Italian cuisine

The use of typical Mediterranean products, such as tomatoes, basil, vegetables, olive oil, wheat, eggs, etc. … that follow the natural processes of the earth, traditions and common sense, guarantee freshness of the dishes prepared with taste and love for their land.