Sudan, “Khartoum, Jewel of East Africa”

Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, lies at the converging point of the Blue and the White Nile and in recent years has been best known for the political turmoil which stems from it’s government. Within this war torn city, lies the largest commercial construction site in Africa known as the Al Mogran Project, which spans 1,500 acres, in a place known as Alsunut, which derives, it’s name from a nearby forest. With the help of foreign Chinese workers the Sudanese Alsunut Development Company LTD, owned by the Dal Group, the first industrial group of the country is working furiously to develop a new Dubai-like city, which is to become the commercial and financial headquarters of Islamist East Africa. The site is to include multiple modern office towers, duplexes, and golf courses. The project is to cost $4 billion and it is scheduled to house both the headquarters of the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company, as well as Petrodar, both of which are Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, and Sudanese joint venture oil companies and will be completed within the next five to fifteen years.